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Women aren’t dumb about pheromones. They know that your validation is worth more then theirs. Their value is sex pheromones and affection, nor mere validation. If you have a validation exchange with a woman, she wins, because she is getting more out of it than you are. She will also lose respect for you because you are not acting like you are worthy of sex and affection. So whenever a woman at work would give me validation, I would give her a disappointed look and a slight nod….almost as if I am communicating to her “Don’t give me that shit. I get infinite validation. Why do I care?” Immediately, because women are clairvoyant, she comes over and “accidentally” bumps her ass into me. This is considered offering value from a woman’s perspective. Don’t ever let women fool you otherwise. They will try to give you worthless validation and see if you would settle for it with real pheromone attraction. 
Speaking of validation, if validation is worthless, then what does that make of pua’s who seek validation from women? Absolute dirt. That’s right. Now you know why women treat validation seeking guys like trash. Women already know that their validation alone can never satisfy a real man. So a guy who would aim for validation as the ultimate goal pretty much comes across as a low life with human pheromones. Learn more at 
The game on this level when you are dealing with 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s who are used to tooling and shortchanging guys is extremely subtle. But subtlety speaks volumes. This is why pua doesn’t work. I barely do anything outside of my base personality. I am already on every woman’s radar. And so are you. You just don’t realize it. That is the only difference between a calibrated guy and a miscalibrated guy. One guy knows that every woman is paying attention to his every facial expression, emotion coming from his eyes, voice tonality, body language, etc, while the other guy can’t wait to open his mouth and qualify himself with “game”. This is why pua’s get blown out so damn easily. You are actually making women’s jobs a lot easier than you should. Seduction is way more subtle than the average guy is aware of. It is not what you do. It is what you don’t do real pheromone production. Learn more at and  
Don’t seek closure. Don’t seek rapport. Don’t be reactive. Don’t qualify yourself. Don’t settle for validation. Don’t jump through hoops. Don’t even allow yourself to be qualified. Don’t defend your ego. Don’t play the game. If women discover you actively play the game, you automatically lose value. Give them the gift of thinking you are a high value man who’s above the game. Don’t ruin their fantasies. She doesn’t want to know that while she’s working hard for your attention, you’re giving you number away to some random club chicks. For 8’s, 9’s and 10’s, they want to know that there is a guy above even their own value. So be that guy. Women want you to be that guy anyway. So that they can feel attraction. As impossible as it may seem, they want to submit to a guy who is above a 10. I know that the level I am describing is extremely high, but it’s not really that hard. If you are well adept in social dynamics and context, it’s a walk in the park. Everything you ever wanted to be, the hero, the leading man, women want you to be.   

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