Chicago Duct Cleaning Facts

Duct cleaning is a process that eliminates accumulation of dust, debris and dirt found inside the ductwork or HVAC system. There are a lot of such contaminants moving through your system especially when the temperatures are high. Chicago duct cleaning from AdvantaClean is highly recommended if the following signs are seen.

· There is a long term water damage of the air duct

· There is any microbial growth of mildew, mold and slime

· Presents of insect or rodent infestation

· Presents of offensive odors from ductwork or from your HVAC system

· Restriction of air-flow through the system due to buildup of debris

· Visible blowing of debris, cobwebs or dust from your ductwork or registers

· Frequent bouts of illness or allergens among family members and pets

Accumulation of dust in the ductwork can actually lead to microbial growth. Duct cleaning is known to reduce such growth as well as increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of HVAC system. The cleaning process usually depends on the extent of buildup of contaminants in your air ducts. Hiring a trained contractor is paramount; the contractor will properly inspect each air duct and opens all the access panels. Once the cleaning process is proven useful, necessary equipment will be gathered to address your cleaning needs.

Routine cleaning and maintenance is usually recommended by most of Chicago duct cleaning companies. This is in addition to cleaning of supply ducts, air vents, return ducts and diffusers. Duct cleaning also involves addressing system components such as drain pan, heat exchanger, fan motor, coils, system housing and among others. Cleaning of all the components ensures a thorough cleaning results and a smooth and effective operation. It is also very significant address and eliminates the source of dirty air ducts to prevent further contamination and recurrence. Therefore, it is useful to get rid of moisture, dust, water, debris, pest infestation and other pollutants.

For safety reasons, Chicago duct cleaning is best performed when your home is empty or unoccupied. Special and suitable equipment has to be used during the process for the safety of air quality in your home or business. Remember to hire a professional service provider who can do the job more professionally. Unprofessional technician may worsen the situation and may even cause your property unsafe for living. Poor Chicago duct cleaning have been shown to reduce the air quality of homes. If there is no good maintenance of your ductwork and HVAC system, duct cleaning becomes a frequent activity. In order to minimize the need for duct cleaning, you need to do the following;

· Make sure air intakes are properly located

· Inspect your ductwork frequently

· Ensure you maintain good housekeeping practices and procedures to avoid the likelihood of contaminants.

· Change your air filter more regularly

· Have a frequent schedule of annual professional maintenance and cleaning.

Ideally, the main key factor to safe, efficient and effective duct cleaning in Chicago is to research a highly rate company to offer the service. Ensure you get references or testimonials from the fully satisfied customers. You may also check on BBB to see if there is any case filed against your potential company.