The Need for On-Going SEO

Does your website need on going SEO Effort.

As one of the leading UK based SEO Companies, Effective Business Growth
often gets asked why we recommend an ongoing SEO contract.

Sue it is good for our business as it means we keep clients
longer, it would be foolish for me to try and deny that, but it is not the main
reason we recommend and ongoing SEO maintenance contract to our clients.

Typically it will take up to 9 months to rank any given
client for the terms they want to rank for. This involves, understanding their business
drivers, identifying where to target SEO efforts, doing on page and off page
optimisation, building social campaign and link campaigns. Sometime during this
period the clients website will rank on the first page of Google. SO you might
say job done, unfortunately not, the world around us is changing, if we looked
back five year mobile would not have had anywhere near the impact it does
today. Unless a website is optimised for mobile it will not rank well, this is
just one example if environmental changes. Also the search engines themselves
are constantly tweaking, what they judge in their rankings as important. These
type of factors alone mean ongoing review and work is required. Your website
needs to be a living thing that is constantly growing having content added and
being tweaked.

Probably the biggest factor why you need ongoing SEO
services is to stay competitive.  Do you
really believe the people you have knocked off the front page of Google or off
the highly prized top slots in Google are going to sit still and let you get
away with it. Hell no, they are going to be badgering their own SEO consultants
to retake lost ground. They in turn will be optimising their client’s site and
building additional links to their client’s sites.

These are the main reasons you need ongoing SEO efforts, a
good SEO company will offer an ongoing SEO maintenance contract at a lower cost
than the initial monthly fees.  A great
SEO company will have taught you how to do some of this work yourself during
the core SEO contact period so you are more self-sufficient and you can reduce
the overall dependency on them.

At Effective Business Growth this is exactly the approach we
offer. We will offer training and guidance so as time goes on increasing the
bulk of SEO work can be done by the client if they so wish.